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We are a brand new company just starting out in this business .We strive for 100% satisfaction for our customers .if there is any questions that you may have please don't hesitate to ask us .You can contact us through email and our support staff at the top of this page by pressing (contact).We thank you for your hard earned dollars and understand how important they are to you in this day and age . Please look at all of our products in our web store . if you are purchasing any tanks or mods you will be asked to show proof of your age per federal law . Must be 18 or older to purchase vape products in the state of Tennessees, and 21 in some other states. be sure to check your state laws in the particular state that you reside in. If you refer a friend you and your friend will receive a 10% discount on your next order after verification . YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER AND PROVIDE PROOF OF SUCH PER NEW FEDERAL LAWS TO PURCHASE ANY VAPE PRODUCTS FROM THIS WEB SIGHT.HAPPY SHOPPING AND MAY GOD BLESS.


Below are just a few example's of what we have in our web site store .Visit our store on the last page of this web site for more of our product's and price's


For the month of JULY  enjoy the mini crown tank gen 3 by uwell at the very low price of $16.99 plus FREE SHIPPING.

This low price is for the stainless version only .The drip tip color's vary as you can see in the photo .GET one before they sell out .Go to the last page (store) to order yours today.


For the entire month of JULY we are running a special clearance on the CYCLONE tank by the SENSE company. This tank has received numerous great reviews and rightfully so. This comes with an extra tank glass,two coils ,instructions and an authenticity label .This is the real deal. No clones or knock offs here .Other web site's list this tank for $39.99 and that's their sale price. Visit  our store on this web site at the top of this page or bottom to get yours before they are all gone . At $4.99 and free shipping these are expected to sell out fast.

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These tank's vape up to 350 degree's and come with three coil's ,extra tank glass ,two tank bands to prevent the tank from breaking when dropped  ,owner's manual, proof of authenticity and extra o-ring's .Comes in black ,stainless ,gold and rainbow color's .Visit our store on the last page for more info and price's.


These are the new crown 3 tank's from uwell .Each tank come's with two coil's ,extra tank glass ,owner's manual ,and extra O-rings .It's a 24.5diameter and hold's 5 milliliter's of your favorite juice. 24K gold plated contact .These are the real deal for 2017 and come with proof of authenticity .Go to our store on the last page to order one cause they sell out fast.


The all new crown MINI gen 3 not to be confused with the full size crown gen 3's above these are the brand new mini's from uwell. Tank capacity is 2ml,comes with an extra tank glass ,two coil's ,extra o-ring's  user's manual and a drip tip cover. Visit our web store on last page for price's.


Package includes  one tank,2 coil's ,one replacement tank glass ,user manual ,spare part's and 2 rubber tank ring's to protect the tank glass from breaking .These tank's have a 4 ml capacity and are the newest tank's on the market.7 color's to choose from .Check them out at our store on our last page for more info and price's.

The all new pico dual is one of the most popular tank and mod combo's for 2017.They come with two coil's ,o-ring's ,owner's manual ,and a reverse charging adapter to charge your phone. 
These device's vape up to 200 watt's .We have red .silver and teal color's to choose from. These have received very good review's and rightfully so .Red and silver one's are shown in photo . Powered by duel 18650 battery's (Not included). 

SMOK  TFV12 Cloud beast king ( black)

Make the biggest clouds ever with this cloud beast king from Smok .comes with the most advanced coils ever .coil heads with this package includes the T12,X4,and Q4.this tank holds 6ml of your favorite flavors with a top fill system .vape up to 350 watts with this tank .also comes with extra seals ,extra tank glass and 2 vape bands to protect your glass tank .get one before they are all gone .Visit our store on this web site to choose your favorite color.

SMOK TFV12 cloud beast king (gold)

Get the biggest clouds on earth and vape up to 350 watt's with this cloud beast king.Comes with three coils,extra tank glass,protective band for tank,extra seals,owners manual,etc.Get one before they are all gone .Four colors to choose from . Just visit our store on this web site.

SMOK TFV12 cloud beast king (gold)
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